Fall Trend 2017…Twinkle Twinkle Little Shoe

2017 has been a year for fun shoes! Little embellishments, statement heals and fun patterns have defined shoe trends this summer and that trend is traveling right into fall. Silver glitter is on trend in general this year, but 6 different designers featured silver glittery boots in different styles for their Fall 2017 runway shows.


I have purchased two affordable pairs of glittery boots to show you that you don’t have to be Rihanna (check out her in silver boots here) or a runway model to have fun with the trend.

The first pair, I picked up at my locals Burlington Coat Factory for $34.99 + tax. The brand is Madden Girl and with their chunky platform heel and rounded toe, they are super reminiscent of early Steve Madden. This sock boot is completely glitter covered. It is definitely a statement piece. With something like a glitter boot, I decided not to get too crazy. I let the boot be the star. Jeans, a simple top, and silver jewelry creates a casual look with a pop of fun. Perfect for everyday “Moming” around town on a nice fall day.


Have fun with this! You can leave your jeans long or roll them up to let your boots shine. Added bonus, when this trend is over, these boots would make a great addition to any costume closet…(I’m thinking futuristic space sex goddess).

The second pair was a Poshmark find. At only $30.00 plus shipping, these boots were a great find. Pointy toe, spike heel and completely sequin covered, they are an absolute blast. You could easily wear these booties the same way as the chunky heeled boot, or, since they are a little dressier, you could dress them up a little. Who says professional has to be boring?


Not into silver boots? NO PROBLEM. Silver sparkle was all over the Fall 2017 runway. Check out these budget friendly, silver sparkle items that could easily be incorporated into an everyday wardrobe.

H&M Silver Cami

H&M Shimmery Metallic Sweater

Zara Shiny Sleeveless Shirt

Metallic Leggings


10 Fall Fashion Trends 2017

As you all know, prior to March of 2017, I had never picked up a fashion magazine in my life. As part of my pledge to redo my wardrobe with age, style, and shape appropriate clothing…I actually started checking into what was in style. This process began slowly, first, I just started asking  my sister “Hey, what’s in style right now?” She would tell me and I would try to incorporate those trends into my wardrobe. Easy! However, as I started blogging more and more, my sister started answering “You are the fashion blogger, you should know.” Thus began my exploration into fashion trends.

In my search, I have come across 10 trends for Fall 2017 that I have decided to incorporate into my wardrobe. As I style each of these trends in a way that works for someone who is a Mom, Curvy, and small business owner, I will post them on my blog and include the links here.

Here are the trends that I will be embracing…

1. Deconstruction– Think asymmetrical and patchwork. This trend is about taking simple classics and deconstructing them into something new and interesting.

2. Lingerie Inspired– Lacy, sheer, definitely a sexier look.

3. Subtle Plaids– This one pretty much speaks for itself and I am loving this trend. Nothing says fall better then plaid. Except for maybe a PSL (yes, Im basic and I am cool with that).

4. Metallic Gold– From saffron to metallic gold, yellow and gold is on trend this fall.

5. Winter Floral– Darker, more romantic florals than what you might find in a spring/summer wardrobe. I have also seen these floral patterns called couch prints. Immediately upon reading about this trend it gave me visions of dresses made from curtains, Maria Von Trapp style.

6. Silver Sparkle/Disco Ball– It’s time to shine! Silver sparkles on all kinds of clothing are trending this fall. However, early fall trend reports said that “glitterati” boots may be a thing! Here’s hoping, sequiny boots is just the type of tacky trend that I can get behind.

Check out how I styled this trend!!!

7. All Americana– Denim (yes! Denim on Denim is BACK!!!!), vintage band shirts, western. All things “American.” A feel good trend.

8. Fringe– Fringe has been popping up in clothing for the last 2-3 years now, frankly, I’m still trying to figure out if this trend is more “yeehaw” or more “flapper.” Either way, I am going to be finding a way to work some fringe into my wardrobe.

9. Black Leather– Fashion designers embraced black leather this year, “edgy” and fun, black leather skirts, jackets and pants were everywhere. Maybe this is the perfect year for my Eastern European husband, Nic to whip out his 37 leather jackets.

10. Shearling– Shearling and mountain wear in general is trending this fall! Essentially, looking like you are a sherpa is in! I am loving this trend, cozy, warm and practical for me as I live in the shadow of the Sierra Nevada.

These definitely aren’t the only trends for Fall 2017, just a few that I thought would be fun to style for the everyday, big hipped, mama. Some other fun trends to watch out for are…

Micro Bags/Wristlets- Too small for even the smallest iphone, these bags almost force you to go tech free.

Pantsuits- Pantsuits are back! If you don’t want to do the whole ensemble Hillary style, just go for a fun blazer. This is the perfect pairing for the lingerie inspired tops that are trending.

Midi Length Skirts- REJOICE! Midi length is in fashion. Every girl with knee fat is with me on this one. In between knee length and maxi, this length hits mid calf, also a huge plus for the shorter percentage of women that need to hem every maxi.


NY&Company Closet. 2nd Box, so far, so good.

As you read in my last blog, I signed up for NY&Company Closet two weeks ago. I am now on my second rental box and so far, I am very pleased with my service. I returned the 1st Box on Monday and received my second box on Thursday. Great turn around time, very comparable to Le Tote.

Unfortunately, this shipment was a fail for me, but I have no one to blame but myself. As you read in my previous blog, with NY&C, I am responsible for picking my own sizes. In my first shipment, 2 of 3 items were too big, so I sized down this time. As my luck would have it, now the items are too small. As I work on figuring out the sizing, I am trying to be patient with the service. It isn’t their fault that I don’t know what size I am.

These are the items, I received…


The blouse was really cute, but did not “fit the tits.” When buttoned, it was too tight across the girls. However, I really wanted to wear this blouse, so I wore it opened with a tank underneath. Very cute. I liked this shirt so much that I added it to my “Closet” (where they source my shipment from) in a larger size. Hopefully, it fits next time.


The distressed jeans couldn’t even be pulled on, so there is no picture of me wearing them.

My mother and I disagree on the dress, my mother thinks it is slimming and looked cute, but I didn’t like how it clung to my fat. Also, it weirdly puckered at the shoulders (I think because I have fat arms). While technically not “too small,” I didn’t feel like it was a good fit so I didn’t wear it.


So, as I said, “so far, so good.” I am really liking the quality of the items as well as the very reasonable prices that the items are available for if you would like to purchase them. Once I figure out the sizing, I feel like NY & Co Closet is going to be a WIN for me.

New Rental Company! NY&C Closet

A few weeks ago, some of my fellow Le Tote lovers started talking about a new rental service. Of course, I had to sign up! The new service is called NY&C Closet (I have also seen it called NY&Company Closet). NY & C Closet is a new rental program brought to you  by the existing company New York &Company, a women’s clothing company.

NY&C Closet is not a rival for Le Tote just yet (stay tuned and Ill tell you why) but they have a good business model that I think will help them suffer the same fate as The Ms. Collection has for many (read about that here).

Firstly, lets talk details. NY&C Closet currently only has one package available. The package is for three clothing items per shipment that must be rented and returned together. Similar to Le Tote and The Ms. Collection, shipping is free both ways. The cost is $49.99 plus tax. ($53.75).

What makes NY&C Closet different? Well, unlike The Ms Collection, with NY&C you get a choice of what items you receive and in what sizes. After signing up for NY&C Closet, you add items to your “closet,” once your closet has 8 items, it triggers a delivery. NY&C picks three items from you closet and sends them to you. (Note: you do have the ability to “prioritize” several items to increase the likelihood that you will receive those). In my first delivery, I had prioritized one item in my closet and received that item. Awesome! Unfortunately, NY&C Closet lacks one essential component that Le Tote has. Le Tote allows you to review your delivery before it is sent, whereas NY&C does not. Essentially, with NY&C, you better be careful what you have active in your closet because you may receive it.

I received my first NY&C Closet package just a few days after signing up and I was very pleasantly surprised. While two items were too large (As I said, you pick the sizes, so this was my fault), they were nice quality and had they fit, I think I would have enjoyed wearing them. The third item was a complete blast. While described as being a “dress” on the NY&C site, it was actually a romper. It ended up being the perfect outfit for a Rotary BBQ that I had to attend.


I absolutely loved this romper and had a blast wearing it. I was almost instantly excited to see what other fun items NY&C would send my way. Since the other items were too large, I packed up all three on Sunday night to drop them in the mail on Monday morning. Unlike Le Tote, NY&C expects you to go to their website and “return” the item in their system when you ship it. Once the item is returned in their system, it triggers processing on a new box. I dropped my package in the mail Monday morning and by Tuesday at 10:00 AM, I had an email saying my next shipment is on the way! YAY!!! This is a way better turn around time then The Ms. Collection or Rent the Runway, both of which require that they receive the rented items back before sending new ones.

I am currently anxiously awaiting my next NY&C Closet shipment. Stay tuned and I will let you see and hear about what they have to offer.

**Sorry, there is no discount code or referral code currently available for NY&C. I emailed them to ask. If at any point I do receive free boxes or discounts, I will share it!**

Apparently Nordstorm is having a sale…

Every single fashion blogger in the US seems to be blogging, vlogging, facebooking and tweeting (twittering?) about their finds at the Nordstorm Anniversary sale. I think it is trending (or something). Despite my newness to the fashion world and inability to go to an actual store and pick things out, I am a fashion blogger as well, so here is my blog about the sale.

As some of you know, I live in the middle of nowhere with lots of dirt, sand and sagebrush. The closest Nordstorm is 112 miles away, however we do have a Nordstorm Rack about 45 minutes away. (high style, I tell ya). Anywho, you all know me, if it cant be mailed to my house, I don’t need it. So, sorry if you were expecting to see a bunch of photos of me in a dressing room, that aint gonna happen. Instead of rushing to the closest Nordstorm, I perused the sale online.

One name that kept popping up over and over is Vince Camuto. Truly, I love his designs and there are more than a few very cute Vince Camuto dresses on sale for 30-40% off. However, I had a hard time springing for these items because I have Le Tote. Vince Camuto dresses are available for rent through Le Tote, so why would I buy one? (even a heavily discounted one?) Here are some of the cute styles on sale…


Next as I perused the sale, I started thinking about fall clothing. A close friend of mine is a teacher and she only has 9 days left of summer break. Let me repeat that for you, ahem, in some cities, TEACHERS RETURN TO SCHOOL IN LESS THAN 2 WEEKS. Kids in my town don’t start school until August 21st, but STILL, this summer seems to be whipping by. So, as the weather starts to cool down, kids return to school, and the leaves start to change, we will need to start thinking about all those fall clothes that we love so much. Leather jackets, scarves, booties, boots, sweaters, cardigans….omg…its practically orgasmic. Here are some of the amazing fall clothing items that I found on sale for the Nordstorm Anniversary Sale…

Leather jackets…sorry animal lovers, but at Nordstorm you are going to find some great deals on some real leather jackets. Timeless. Beautiful. Is there anything that says “fall” more than a leather jacket? Maybe leggings? A pumpkin? A Pumpkin wearing leggings?

Scarves…I love scarves, fun, warm, colorful, happy, beautiful scarves. Also, I am a mom, in an emergency, I have wrapped a baby in a scarf, wiped up a mess with a scarf, as well as a snotty nose. Yes, I know I am disgusting, but hey, it happens. If you have never hidden baby spit up or a leaky boob with a scarf than really, you have never experienced all that a scarf has to offer.

Boots and Booties. BOOTS and BOOTIES. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. I cannot wait for Boot and Bootie season. Unfortunately, I have very high arches so it is very hard for me to buy shoes online. Normally the only shoes I buy online are additional colors of shoes I already own. (There is a Clarks wedge that I own in no less than 4 colors). However, that did not stop me from oogling. Here are some of the boots and booties you can get at the sale. (some of which are available in wide calf).



Can someone please bring me an apple cider and something pumpkin spice flavored? Oh wait, it is 95 degrees out, that’s right, it is still July. Before we get to fall, we are going to need to go through fall transition clothing season. Here in Nevada in the high desert, we have some seriously temperamental weather. You can go some sweltering to freezing in a matter of hours, so what the heck are you supposed to wear? Here are some great items for layering in colors that work for both summer and fall.

Blazers and light jackets. Blazers are in this year. A blazer paired with a cute tank and a classic pair of jeans is great transition outfit.


A big tote. A big purse is must for any mom, but it is a must for every woman during fall transition. The perfect place to stash a jacket or scarf when you think it might cool down. Here are some fun bags that work for both the beach and the apple orchard.


Finally, a few dresses that would easily work with layers. Remember, not only do Fit and Flare dresses fit us curvy girls, but they also look great with boots!



I hope you all enjoy shopping the sale at Nordstorm.com through August 6th. If you find something that you just LOVE. I would love to see your pictures in the comments.


My Le Tote this week and updates to their price plan.

Attention, Attention. Effective immediately, Le Tote has changed their subscription options. In the past you could sign up for a $39.00 ($44.00 with insurance) package that was unlimited deliveries of 2 clothing items and one accessory. Individuals (like myself) that are currently signed up for this unlimited package will be able to keep it, BUT new members will not be given this option. There is a $39.00 option for 3 clothing items and 2 accessories that is available to new members BUT it is only for one package a month. My guess is that these smaller packages were being returned more often and killing them on the shipping.

So….in Summary, as of today….July 6, 2017. These are the packages available to new members of Le Tote.


and….dont forget….Le Tote also has Maternity Clothes…


Now…onto my Tote!

For the first time since I started Le Tote, I got the dreaded email that says….

Great news! Your tote is on the way. Unfortunately, as we were packing your tote we noticed one of the items you picked out did not meet our quality standards. We do our very best to make sure you get everything in the best quality possible.
We’ve replaced that item with something we think you’ll love and are also giving you an extra item in your next tote which you’ll be able to swap and customize.

When I saw this, my immediate reaction was “Oh Fuck!” I had picked out a dress that I intended to wear to Book of Mormon this Wednesday.


As I signed into my Le Tote account, I was thinking “please dont be the dress, please dont be the dress.” Of course, the damaged item ended up being the dress. However, much to my pleasure, they replaced the dress with another dress. On an Unofficial Le Tote FB group I belong too, I had heard horror stories about items being replaced with completely different items. “Summer dress ruined? Here is a parka.” Or “A work skirt replaced with booty shorts.” However, I cant complain, while the dress is not as colorful as the one I wanted, it was an item that I had added to my closet. Im pleased!!! These are the items I received…



The London Times Dress is the replacement dress… Here I am trying it on. I am really pleased with it and think it will look great for Book of Mormon.




The STS Blue White Jeans were an impulse because “Its a rental!” As you all know, my well water makes it impossible for me to wash whites. Also, I have twin toddlers, so white jeans…not the best idea. However, since someone else has to deal with washing them, I decided to give them a try. After getting dressed for the day, I chickened out. I decided to wear black shorts instead and I am glad I did because later on that day, one of my kids spilled cranberry juice down my leg. However, I plan on wearing these later in the week.




Finally, the necklace, it is dainty and pretty. I did wear it today and it is a perfectly beautiful necklace.



Overall, I am very pleased with this Tote.

The Ms. Collection, it is so over.

I received my Ms. Collection box last week. It was the second box in a row that I was not impressed with. Even though I was planning on finishing out the month of the July with them. I decided not to finish and cancelled. When it comes to rental, I need to be able to control what I receive, therefore, I will be sticking with Rent the Runway and Le Tote.

Check out my video reveal of my last Ms Collection Box…here.

Or if you like…you can scroll the following pictures….


Shorts that were too short and too tight.


Baggy shirt that did nothing for me.


Cute fitted shirt that was a super heavy material


and finally, a dress that didnt fit.

Sorry Ms. Collection, it’s so over.

Daily Look, Amazon Wardrobe and More!

It seems like everyone is jumping on the Subscription Box and mail order bandwagon. Amazon announced this week Amazon Prime Wardrobe, they will be shipping items chosen by you for you to try on and return. Shipping will be free both ways and you only pay for what you keep. Move over Lyon + Post…Amazon is coming for you.


As you all know, I wasn’t a fan of Lyon + Post and I imagine my experience with Amazon Prime Wardrobe will be the same. When it comes to clothing purchases, I need a stylist. I like having someone else pick out my clothes. Nevertheless, I am the wait list for Amazon Prime Wardrobe and as soon it is available, I will try it out and tell you all about it (whether you like it or not).


That being said, I did sign up for another service that some friends have asked me about. I signed up for The Daily Look ELITE subscription. The Daily Look business model mirrors VERY closely, the Stitch Fix business model. (A stylist picks out items for you, you try on, send back what you don’t want). The difference is, for Stitch Fix, the styling fee is $20, but for Daily Look, it is $40. However, with SF, you only get 5 items, while the Daily Look is promising me 7-11 items. When I get my first box, I will do a video unveiling on my YouTube channel and of course write all about it.


Okay, so now that that basic housekeeping is out of the way, can we talk about how much I resemble a homeless person this week? You all will notice that my Instagram has been pretty quiet and my Facebook featured a Meme. The simple reason for this is that I look like crap and am unwilling to allow it to be captured in photographic form. As of Wednesday, it is officially summer and summer came with a vengeance. In Carson City and the SF Bay Area it has been HOT AS BALLS. Wednesday, I took my boys to the Water Park in Sparks, NV to beat the heat (fun for them but not amazing for hair). Then on Thursday we came to my Mom’s House. Since arriving we have been in the pool 5 (yes, FIVE) times. It has been less than 36 hours since we arrived. How does one manage to maintain frizzy/out of control hair when it is baking hot and you are in and out of the pool every other five seconds? Can someone please teach me to style my hair so I look like one of those cute surfer girls? HELP.






Big Fat RTR Failure…

As you all know, I am normally hourglass figured. However, a few too many nights eating and drinking out  (diet starts tomorrow, I swear), has left me a little more pear sized. The booty has gotten a little large.

In preparation for the Reno Heart Ball, I wanted a dress that was red (Red for Heart Health), showed off my boobs, and generally made me look like a pretty pretty princess. I turned to Rent the Runway because I had an account credit that I needed to use. I had previously used RTR without success (Sorry, no blog about this, it was before my FitTheTits.com days). My previously incidences with RTR had been dresses that were not my cut, they were dresses that had no elasticity whatsoever. The dresses either ended up being too big or impossible to get on. This is no fault of RTR, I ordered these dresses knowing that they probably wouldn’t fit, but it was fun trying. Alas, THIS TIME, I wanted to make sure that the dress would fit my body type. Being larger on the bottom at the moment, I searched for a dress that was tight on top and loose on the bottom. This is what I found….


The stylist notes on this dress says to size down, additionally it says that the dress is NOT fitted at the hips. As a result, I sized down to 6, when I would need a 10 on the bottom normally. However, if it is flowy, I don’t need to worry about fitting my ass. Right? Here is how it looked when it arrived…


Cute right? At first glance, all I need is a pin to keep my tits from falling out and some shoes! WRONG. Here is the problem….


WTF RTR?!?!? Why does a dress like this have a fitted layer underneath? Whenever I walked, the slip rode up around my waist. (Basic physics…big ass+little waist=things constantly gathered around your waist). UGH UGH UGH. WHY?!?!?!? The dress was immediately put back in its garment bag and I arranged to have it sent back for account credit.

For the heart ball, I ended up wearing a Ralph Lauren LBD that I had hanging in my closet. Not exactly, “Pretty Pretty Princess” but I looked alright.

I feel like RTR needs more investigation by FitTheTits, so I signed up for RTR unlimited. Look forward to many more dress reviews.